SM Advertising

Social Media advertising has come a long way in the field of advertising and promotion of products and services.

Online advertising is a natural choice for modern businesses. Many people and companies pay for search optimization and online advertising with a view to increase visitors to their website based on user intent (i.e. their search query).

Pearl help you when there are no identifiable (or affordable) keywords you can bid on to drive traffic. We help your businesses to create brand awareness rather than capturing user intent.

Social media advertising helps businesses find new potential clients by using users’ own shared information to identify interest. Rather than reactively targeting users who search a certain term, social media advertising proactively targets relevant users before they even begin their search.

Social networks are a good option for advertisers because of the advanced targeting options, reliable conversion tracking, and prevalence on mobile devices.

Our Strategies

  • Design custom made ads for SM
  • Create multiple versions of the ad
  • Create a custom landing page
  • Filtering mobile traffic
  • Focus on relevance score

Audience Research

Social media advertising has opened the door to deeper interest, behavioral and connection-based targeting methods. These advanced targeting options increase your ad’s relevance to your users and provide a level of personalization that is not achievable on other advertising channels.

  • Interest targeting
  • Behavioral/Connection targeting
  • Custom targeting
  • Lookalike targeting